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Heartland Robotics gets $30 million, a new name and provides an outline of their new product

June 19, 2012

Rethink Robotics (formerly Heartland Robotics) announced that it has secured $30 million in Series C funding to launch the company’s new robot product, begin development of new product lines and expand sales, marketing and services operations.
This latest round of funding brings the total raised by Heartland/Rethink to $62 million.
Descriptors for their new product includes the following: “can perform simple tasks in a manufacturing environment, increasing the productivity of the people around them who are doing the more highly skilled and value-added work.” And, “can be taken out of the box, taught a task by an untrained factory worker, and be productive in a few hours, eliminating the need for systems integration. They are safe to interact with people at close range and are easy to train and retrain on the fly.”

Frank Tobe
guest author
Frank Tobe is the owner and publisher of The Robot Report, and is also a panel member for Robohub's Robotics by Invitation series.

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