Holiday gifts ideas for Robogeeks – 2016

15 December 2016

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Robotic toys and gear are getting better every year! Need some gift ideas for that special robot geek in your life? We put together some favourite gift ideas, from stocking stuffers, amazing robot toys, and fingers-crossed wish list items. There’s something on this list for every budget! Don’t see what you’re looking for? Check out our gift list from last year and browse from our recommendations of 20 great books to hook kids and teens on robotics. Happy shopping!

Holiday gear
Toys, games, and fun
Kits and learning bits

Holiday gear


Star Trek TOS Ships Holiday Sweater

$38.99 at ThinkGeek


$12.00 at Amazon



Shiny Christmas

$14.99 at TeeFury


Star Wars: AT-AT Hoth Unisex Knitted Christmas Sweater/Jumper

£36.99 at Merchoid.


Circuit Board Custom Christmas Stocking (Personalized – Single Sided)

$19.95 (plus shipping) at Amazon


Who’s Sweater

$14.99 at TeeFury

Toys, games, and fun


A single costs $279 and a two-pack is $499. Mekamon: There are 500 limited edition MekaMon that can be pre-ordered today and will ship in January (after Christmas surprise?). Later in 2017 there will be more products released.

3DOODLER PEN – 3D printing pen

$49 – 249 at 3Doodler


Sphero SPRK+

$129.99 at Sphero+

Kamigami robots

$99 – 149 at Kamigami

Robotis Play

$89.95 at Robotis


UBTECH Alpha 2 Intelligent Robot Voice System With HD 8MP Camera

£1926 at HobbyWOW

BB-8 App-Enabled Droid || Built by Sphero

$129.99 at Sphero

Propel’s Star Wars drone

pre-order: $299.99 at Propel

Wonder Workshop Dash Robot

$124.99 on Amazon


Amazon Echo

Currently the number one best seller and the price has dropped:

$139.99 at Amazon.


Anki Cozmo Robot

Pretty much the hottest toy item this year. Unfortunately, the last time I checked it seems to be sold out in most places!

$179.99 at Anki

Kits and learning bits

Little Bits Gizmo & Gadgets

$199.95 at Amazon or their website.


SparkFun Inventor’s Kit – Special Edition

$89.95 at SparkFun


MaKey MaKey Classic and Makey Makey GO – An invention kit for everyone

Classic: $ 49.95 – 59.95

GO: $19.95

Elegoo UNO Project Smart Robot Car Kit with Four-wheel Drives

£67.99 on Amazon


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Kassie Perlongo Kassie is the Managing Editor at Robohub.
Kassie Perlongo Kassie is the Managing Editor at Robohub.

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