James Bruton focus series #3: Virtual Reality combat with a real robot

It's Saturday, it's the turn of another post of the James Bruton focus series, and it's Boxing Day in the UK and most of the Commonwealth countries. Even if this holiday has nothing to do with boxing,...
26 December 2020, by

Robot swarms follow instructions to create art

By Conn Hastings, science writer Controlling a swarm of robots to paint a picture sounds like a difficult task. However, a new technique allows an artist to do just that, without worrying about pro...
18 October 2020, by



A Whimsical Robotic Artist, with Patrick Tresset

In this episode, Audrow Nash interviews Patrick Tresset, a London based artist, on robots that draw people using a pen and paper in a way that is similar to the drawing process for humans. Tresset dis...
16 October 2018, by

How to build a robot – the creative way

Here's a cute video about how UK-based Rusty Squid designs robots....
11 January 2018, by

Indoor drone shows are here

2017 was the year where indoor drone shows came into their own. Verity Studios' Lucie drones alone completed more than 20,000 autonomous flights. A Synthetic Swarm of 99 Lucie micro drones started t...
09 January 2018, by

Sci-Fi Dreams: How visions of the future are shaping the development of intelligent technology

Here are the slides I gave recently as member of panel Sci-Fi Dreams: How visions of the future are shaping the development of intelligent technology, at the Centre for the Future of Intelligence 201...
14 July 2017, by

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2017 Robot Art Competition winners announced

A record number of teams submitted beautiful robot-created artwork for the second year of this 5-year worldwide competition. In total, there were 38 teams from 10 countries who submitted 200 differen...
19 May 2017, by

Registration now open for 2nd annual Robotic Art Competition

The 2017 second annual robotic art competition with $100,000 in cash prizes is now open for team registration. An international competition for all ages, the contest’s goal is to challenge teams to ...
11 April 2017, by

RoboThespian stars in UK play Spillikin, a love story

In a poignant play traveling throughout the UK, a robot is co-star and companion to the wife of the (now deceased) robot builder, with the wife developing early Alzheimer's. The play explores very hu...
21 March 2017, by

The art of drone flight: Creating drone costumes

Drone costume designer Léa Pereyre showcases several of her imaginative designs and describes her experience with dreaming up new concepts for this emerging art form. Check out more designs on the...
07 February 2017, by

Drone shows: Creative potential and best practices

Drone shows, such as the ones shown above, are a new and rapidly evolving sector of the entertainment industry....
25 January 2017, by , and

Robot Life Survey

What might the first western explorer have thought upon encountering whales, flamingos and iguanas? What would have they thought of these strange near-fantastical creatures? What is it like for 21s...

Holiday robot videos 2016: Part 4

Happy holidays! Have a holiday robot video of your own that you’d like to share? Send your submissions to
22 December 2016, by

Holiday robot videos 2016: Part 3

Have a holiday robot video of your own that you’d like to share? Send your submissions to
20 December 2016, by

Holiday robot videos 2016: Part 2

Have a holiday robot video of your own that you’d like to share? Send your submissions to
16 December 2016, by

Holiday gifts ideas for Robogeeks – 2016

Robotic toys and gear are getting better every year! Need some gift ideas for that special robot geek in your life? We put together some favourite gift ideas, from stocking stuffers, amazing robot t...
15 December 2016, by

Holiday robot videos 2016: Part 1

Our first few submissions have now arrived! Have a holiday robot video of your own that you’d like to share? Send your submissions to
13 December 2016, by

Dehyping robotics: Sabine Hauert at TEDx Berlin

Robohub President Sabine Hauert gave an insightful talk at TEDx Berlin about what we try and do here at Robohub: ensuring truthful, fair, balanced robotics information is being shared. As our loyal re...
13 December 2016, by

Call for holiday robot videos 2016

That's right! You better not run, you better not hide, you better watch out for brand new robot holiday videos on Robohub! Drop your submissions down our chimney at and share the ...
09 December 2016, by

When robots become art: Interview with Yi-Wei Keng

How can robotics help to enhance the development of the modern arts? Japan’s famous playwright, stage director Oriza Hirata and leading roboticist Hiroshi Ishiguro launched the “Robot Theater Proj...
29 November 2016, by

SOCIAL ROBOTICS JAPAN: Robot Town Sagami’s strange, yet surprisingly hopeful, anime promo

SOCIAL ROBOTICS JAPAN is adapted from a bimonthly column published in Japan’s Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun (日刊工業新聞/Business & Technology Daily Newspaper). The 101-year-old, nationally circul...
09 November 2016, by

Art meets robotics in Patrick Tresset’s OPLINE Prize entry

The OPLINE Prize is the first online contemporary art award, where the audience vote for the winner out of 10 nominated artists. The winning artist receives 4,000 Euros and exhibitions. The winner al...
27 October 2016, by

Cinema meets robots at the Robotic Online Short Film Festival

The upcoming Robotic Online Short Film Festival (or ROS festival) is a science fiction short film festival planning to focus on robotics related themes. The deadline for submitting short films is No...
19 October 2016, by

The relationship between dance and robotic fabrication – with video

UCL’s Interactive Architecture Lab has developed a new type of choreography – one that explores the potential for dialogue between humans and robots – and the way we might design cooperatively i...
01 August 2016, by

Flying robots perform 100th show on Broadway, using new localization technology and algorithms

Since April, a troupe of eight flying machines has been performing in a Cirque du Soleil Broadway show called Paramour. This group of quadcopters has now completed its first 100 shows in front of a li...
29 July 2016, by and

SoftBank jumpstarts IoT by buying ARM for $32 billion

The announcement that SoftBank will spend $32 billion to acquire ARM Holdings means the Japanese firm is buying the most important company in the world of mobile processors for smartphone and Intern...
19 July 2016, by

RoboThespian gets its own YouTube channel

The team behind RoboThespian, a life-sized humanoid robot designed for human interaction in a public environment, have launched a new YouTube channel: Robot's World. The robot is very much real an...
24 June 2016, by

Where should robots go when they retire?

Most robots, when their creators are done with them, meet one of two fates. Either they’re stashed away, in some corner of a lab, closet or basement, or they’re cannibalized to make another robot....
12 April 2016, by

AI, deep learning and 3D printing produce ‘The Next Rembrandt’

From the Smithsonian comes news - and a must-see fascinating video - about a painting created using data from more than 168,000 fragments of Rembrandt's work, trained to paint in Rembrandt's signature...
08 April 2016, by

15 robot portraits taken with an 1880s camera

Amsterdam-based photographer Wanda Tuerlinckx feels inspired by the slow style of classic photography. So influenced, in fact, you can find her observing all her subjects through an old-fashioned...
05 April 2016, by

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