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Nate the Robot RH.1 – I’m on Robohub!

March 14, 2013

Nate the Robot 1 - I'm on Robohub!

Hey everyone, I meant to get this strip drawn earlier, but I’m happy to start having Robohub as a second source to read my Nate the Robot comic strip! I hope it can add a bit of humor to your day and that you enjoy it. Nate the Robot is a comic about an ordinary robot trying to make it in a human world. Nate’s life seems to be plagued by misfortune and everyone dumping on him.

Tonight or tomorrow I will be uploading my first “theme focused” comic dealing with robots and war. If you enjoy reading Nate the Robot, remember to check out the regular comic on Check out my profile on here to find my facebook and twitter links if you enjoy my snarky humor.

Jim Haas
guest author
Jim Haas Nate the Robot is a webcomic about an ordinary robot trying to make it in a human world. See more at

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