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In the future, robots will be ubiquitous

June 20, 2015
Source: Foreign Affairs
Source: Foreign Affairs

The July/August issue of Foreign Affairs magazine has a number of dispatches from the frontlines of the robotics revolution.

“The most profound technologies are those that disappear. They weave themselves into the fabric of everyday life until they are indistinguishable from it. Computers have already achieved that kind of ubiquity. In the future, robots will, too.”

This is just one of the notable quotes from the last issue of Foreign Affairs. Four articles were noteworthy:

If you register with the Foreign Affairs site, you can read any three of the articles.

This special editorial focus by the magazine is another example of the broad international recognition robotics is receiving in the media, business and financial communities and among technologists and futurists.

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Frank Tobe
guest author
Frank Tobe is the owner and publisher of The Robot Report, and is also a panel member for Robohub's Robotics by Invitation series.

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