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Robot Launch Finals

May 20, 2014


Watch the live stream from the 2014 Robot Launch Finals, starting today May 20 at 10AM Pacific. From over 60 entries from all around the world, our judges have narrowed it down to six finalists: DoBots, Duct Inspection Robot from Robosoft Systems, Leka, Odd I/O, Robotic Technologies of Tennessee and Tandemech Engineering. These startups will make an expanded 5 minute pitch and do a live Q&A session with our judges, who will decide the ultimate winner. Follow on Twitter #RobotLaunch. Don’t forget that you can still vote for your Crowd Favorite until 10AM Pacific!



Finalists Startup Twitter
Robosoft Systems @azad2fm
Tandemech Engineering @Tandemech
Leka @WeAreLeka
DoBots (Distributed Organisms @BotsDo
Odd I/O @wiglbot
Robotics Technologies of Tennessee @mobile_robots
Ones to Watch
Gimball @fly_ability
Jessiko (Robot Fish) @jessiko
Sproutel @sproutel
Avidbots @avidbots
3DOF Robotics
Cloudy Robotics
Plug and Wear
RoboTar @robotarkevin
Mighty Mount
Robohub Readers Pick
Jessiko (Robot Fish) @jessiko
SOLID Showcase
Tandemech Engineering @Tandemech
RoboTar @robotarkevin
Robotics Technologies of Tennessee @mobile_robots
Leanest Startup
Odd I/O @wiglbot
Tandemech Engineering @Tandemech
Robosoft Systems @azad2fm
Best European Startup
Distributed Organisms (DoBots) @BotsDo
WilmerHale Award
Tandemech Engineering @Tandemech
Indiegogo Crowd Pleaser
Odd I/O @wigl
Silicon Valley Robotics Award
Robotics Technologies of Tennessee @mobile_robots
Ultimate Champion
Leka @WeAreLeka




(All times Pacific. Live stream begins at 10AM.)

10:00 Intro/Meet the Judges
10:10 Robosoft Systems Fahad Azad @azad2fm
10:25 Tandemech Engineering Cameron Venancio @Tandemech
10:40 Leka Ladislas de Toldi @WeAreLeka
10:55 DoBots (Distributed Organisms Anne van Rossum @BotsDo
11:10 Odd I/O Vivek Mano @wiglbot
11:25 Robotics Technologies of Tennessee Steve Glovsky @mobile_robots
11:40 Deliberation/Awards
11:55 Final Winner Announced!
12:00 END

The Judges

Glenn Luinenburg Partner at WilmerHale @wilmerhale
Rich Mahoney Director of Robotics at SRI International @SRI_intl
Roger Chen OATV @rgrchen
Cyril Ebersweiler Haxlr8r @haxlr8r
Kate Drane Hardware lead at Indiegogo @katedrane
Shahin Farshchi Lux Capital @farshchi
Andra Keay
Core Team Member & Robotics Industry Futurist
Andra Keay is the Managing Director of Silicon Valley Robotics, founder of Women in Robotics and is a mentor, investor and advisor to startups, accelerators and think tanks, with a strong interest in commercializing socially positive robotics and AI.
Robohub Editors
guest author
Robohub Editors

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