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February 2017 fundings, acquisitions and IPOs

February fundings for 16 robotics-related startups totaled over $313 million - another solid month for the new year. Acquisitions also continued to be substantial with Ford's acquisition of Argo and M...
02 March 2017, by

HAX takes robotics to market in 2017

If you attended CES 2017 last week you may have seen more than 70 HAX powered startups in Eureka Park, the ‘playground of innovation’. As service robotics steals the spotlight, we wanted to showca...
12 January 2017, by and

Where is robotic vision on the Hype Cycle?

I was reading Steve Blank's blog on machine learning start-ups yesterday, where he described how technical infrastructure innovations follow a Hype Cycle with characteristics defined by the Gartner G...
30 November 2016, by

Robot Launch Finals

Watch the live stream from the 2014 Robot Launch Finals, starting today May 20 at 10AM Pacific. From over 60 entries from all around the world, our judges have narrowed it down to six finalists: DoBo...
20 May 2014, by and

RobotLaunch startups take note! Sage advice from the experts at Robots2014

It's just a few days until the RobotLaunch Finals on May 20, where our remaining six teams will battle it out in front of a live panel of judges. So we thought we'd recap some of the expert advice we ...
16 May 2014, by

Robot Launch 2014 Finals May 20 – Vote now for People’s Choice

Today we announce the six finalists from Robot Launch who will be presenting their pitches online live to a panel of expert judges on Tuesday May 20 at 10am PDT. Join us then to see who takes home the...
14 May 2014, by

Robot Launch 2014 – Robohub People’s Choice Round One

For the next three weeks, Robohub readers can vote for the "People's Choice" startup from the Robot Launch competition. Each week, we're going to publish 10 videos from our Top 30 and during our live ...
23 April 2014, by

New venture fund specifically for service robotic startups

... “We are at the start of a transformative period for robotics that requires a new breed of risk-taker to drive mass-market adoption,” says Dmitry Grishin, founder of Grishin Robotics. ....
16 June 2012, by

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