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Robot video roundup: Gangnam style

October 3, 2012

What’s better than a selection of fun robot videos to brighten up the week? This week’s videos range from the sublime of “How to engineer a dog” and “Flying copters shooting hoops” to the ridiculously funny of “Bioloids Gangnam Style” and the HP/DEC combo of BD594 performing “Moves Like Jagger”. And no week is complete without cocktails, brought to you by ‘The Inebriator’ robot bartender.

One of the best robot videos ever comes from the Legged Robotics Team at ETH Zurich’s Autonomous Systems Lab. Inspired by nature, the team built different types of electrically driven robots that can do various maneuvers from slow and careful climbing to very robust dynamic trotting.

And the ETH Zurich’s Flying Machine Arena have just released a new video, presenting flying robots cooperating, tossing and catching balls. For more information tune in to Prof. Raffaello D’Andrea’s ROBOTS Podcast interview.

Finally, these crazy robot videos have set the internet on fire with DIY arduino based inebriation, hilarious dance moves and DEC vocal synthesizer stylings. The Inebriator, as featured recently on Singularity Hub, is a DIY Arduino based project, not for sale, just for fun. And fun is the showdown between ‘Gangnam Robot Style’ and ‘HP DEC Moves Like Jagger’? One looks like it’s from people at Robotis and the other is from BD594 in Canada, who “experiments in music, electronics, robotics and high voltage circuits combined”.

Andra Keay
Core Team Member & Robotics Industry Futurist
Andra Keay is the Managing Director of Silicon Valley Robotics, founder of Women in Robotics and is a mentor, investor and advisor to startups, accelerators and think tanks, with a strong interest in commercializing socially positive robotics and AI.

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