ROBOTS: From imagination to market

17 April 2014

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UPDATE Video and live tweets! Join us for a full day seminar and networking event at MIT on April 17 called “ROBOTS: From Imagination to Market”. Starting with an introduction to robots in science fiction, we will dive into the latest research, hear the newest startup pitches and learn from successful companies. Additional highlights will include live robot demos, an overview of legal and ethical questions, and a panel discussion with key actors in the field.

#ROBOTS14 is geared towards the Boston-based research and business community in robotics. Get your free ticket here:

The event is organized by Swissnex Boston, Robohub, and Swisslink in collaboration with the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship.

You can find the program below, let us know if you have a robot demo or startup pitch (email We’ll be covering the seminar live on Robohub, so make sure to tune-in on April 17.



9:00 am

Robots in Science Fiction
Michael A. Burstein


9:30 am

Self-Organized Systems
Radhika Nagpal
Wyss Institute – Harvard

10:00 am

Soft/Biomimetic Robots
Sangbae Kim

11:00 am

Soft Wearable Robots
Zivthan Dubrovsky
Wyss Institute – Harvard

11:30 am

Personal Robots
Cynthia Breazeal
MIT Media Lab

12:00 am

Aerial Robots
Dario Floreano

Lunch Demos

Przemek Kornatowski

TERMES Project
Kirstin Petersen
Wyss Institute – Harvard

Mike Rubenstein
Wyss Institute – Harvard

Printable Robots
Mike Tolley
Wyss Institute – Harvard

Soft Sensors
Daniel Vogt
Wyss Institute – Harvard

Startup Pitches

1:30 pm

John Amend
Empire Robotics

1:35 pm

Adrien Briod

1:40 pm

Aaron Horowitz

1:45 pm

Arron Acosta
Rise Robotics


2:00 pm

Law & Ethics
Kate Darling
MIT Media Lab

2:30 pm

The Business of Robotics
Matt Beane
MIT Sloan

3:00 pm
Hardware Accelerators
Ben Einstein – Bolt

4:30 pm

Success Stories

Kiva Systems – Parris S. Wellman
Vecna – Daniel Theobald

Panel Discussion

5:30 pm
How to go from imagination to market?

Matt Beane | Sloan – MIT
Christina Chase | Martin Trust Center – MIT
Elaine Chen | Martin Trust Center – MIT
Kate Darling | Media Lab – MIT
Chris Moehle | National Robotics Engineering Center – CMU
Miriam Bekouche | Indiegogo

Sabine Hauert | Robohub

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Sabine Hauert is President of Robohub and Associate Professor at the Bristol Robotics Laboratory
Sabine Hauert is President of Robohub and Associate Professor at the Bristol Robotics Laboratory

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