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by   -   May 22, 2014


CSAIL – MIT’s M-Blocks on display at the Robots Demo Lunch, which was sponsored by EPFL Alumni. — at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Photo credits: swissnex.

One of the chief goals of the Robots14 event in Boston last month was to bring various constituents of the robotics community – innovators, researchers, startups, entrepreneurs – together in one place to hash out what it takes to go “from imagination to market”. Co-organized by Swissnex BostonRobohub, and Swisslink in collaboration with the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship, this one-day single track seminar and networking event at MIT’s cozy Wong Auditorium was both varied and intimate enough to achieve just that. In case you missed it, here’s a recap.

by   -   May 16, 2014


It’s just a few days until the RobotLaunch Finals on May 20, where our remaining six teams will battle it out in front of a live panel of judges. So we thought we’d recap some of the expert advice we gleaned from the speakers at the Robots2014 event at MIT last month to help our startups prepare. Co-organized with Swissnex Boston, the event brought researchers, startups and VCs together under one roof. Here are some of our favourite sound bites from the ‘Imagination to Market’ event:

by   -   April 22, 2014

An adage in tech funding is “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”
Aaron Horowitz (left) and Hannah Chung (in the bear suit on the right) boost that concept – and their visibility – by wearing bear suits resembling their teddy bear robot Jerry to conferences. It certainly raises their Klout score.

by   -   April 17, 2014


UPDATE Video and live tweets! Join us for a full day seminar and networking event at MIT on April 17 called “ROBOTS: From Imagination to Market”. Starting with an introduction to robots in science fiction, we will dive into the latest research, hear the newest startup pitches and learn from successful companies. Additional highlights will include live robot demos, an overview of legal and ethical questions, and a panel discussion with key actors in the field.

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January 18, 2021

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