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Savioke receives $15M in Series A funding to scale their business

January 13, 2016

Relay was at the Intel booth at CES, delivering snacks and drinks to attendees.

Savioke reached $17.6 Million in funding with a $15 Million Series A round from Intel Capital, EDBI, Northern Light Venture Capital. This funding will allow Savioke to scale their business, deploying Relay in hotels and exploring other business avenues. Relay is now in five major hotel chains and the robots have made more than 11,000 deliveries to date.


According to a press release, Savioke will use the funding to expand sales, marketing and product developments for its Relay robot.

This round brings the total raised to date to $17.6 million, following its seed investment from Morado Venture Partners, AME Cloud Ventures, Google Ventures, and additional individual investors.


The time has finally come when robots are going to be at our beck and call, and for our robots in the hospitality industry we mean that quite literally.”
— Steve Cousins, CEO, Savioke

“Since the introduction of their Relay robot, the team at Savioke has done an exemplary job growing the market for service robotics. Intel Capital sees significant opportunity in this important new market, and we’re pleased to invest in Savioke as its opportunity continues to expand.”
— Wendell Brooks, President, Intel Capital




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