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Simple, creative robotics: Fotokite and ‘Walk to Beat’ receive top awards for innovative designs at European Robotics Forum

The 2017 European Robotics Forum in Edinburgh brought together over 800 people from robotics academia and industry. In an effort to bridge the two, euRobotics hosted an Entrepreneurship and TechTransf...
28 March 2017, by

Robotic cleaning market growing exponentially

The International Federation of Robotics forecast that the global market for vacuum cleaning robots, lawn-mowing robots and other household cleaning robots will grow at a compound annual growth rate...
13 February 2017, by

Looking towards service robotics in 2017

Sophisticated household robots are only just starting to show up in our lives, but all the building blocks for a veritable “Cambrian explosion” of robotics are there, as Gill Pratt described it wh...
30 December 2016, by

What is good robot design?

Let’s stop talking about bad robots and start talking about what makes a robot good....
08 November 2016, by

Watch this service robot predict your organizing preferences

How many of us have envisioned intelligent robots operating and assisting us in our homes with everyday tasks? Different users typically have varying preferences and expectations when it comes to tas...
18 January 2016, by

Solving delivery robots as a service: Interview with Savioke CEO Steve Cousins

In this second Silicon Valley Robotics Case Study, Savioke CEO Steve Cousins talks about his alpha customers and early trials, discusses the evolution of his company's business strategy, and describ...
14 January 2016, by and

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Savioke receives $15M in Series A funding to scale their business

Savioke reached $17.6 Million in funding with a $15 Million Series A round from Intel Capital, EDBI, Northern Light Venture Capital. This funding will allow Savioke to scale their business, deploying...
13 January 2016, by and

IFR predicts double digit growth for service robots through 2018

The service robotics industry is relatively new, diverse and picking up steam daily. Service robotics covers every activity except those described as industrial. These are robots that perform useful t...
05 October 2015, by

Japan’s Haneda Airport to deploy 3 types of robots from Cyberdyne

View image | [clear] Cyberdyne, the inventor of the HAL exoskeleton, is expanding their product line and Japan's Haneda Airport is their first customer....
13 July 2015, by

Toyota Partner Robot provides everyday assistance for people with disabilities

Toyota has developed the Partner Robot, to provide everyday assistance for people with disabilities. This robot has a compact, cylindrical body, so it can turn round in small spaces, as well as foldi...
04 October 2012, by

Reforming agriculture through more sophisticated mechanization

Historically, at least since the mechanization of agriculture began in earnest, there have been two primary measures of agricultural productivity, the amount that could be grown on a given acreage and...
10 December 2011, by

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