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Sharp Cocorobo robot vacuum cleaner updated – smaller model and updated app functions

November 21, 2012


Sharp have updated their Cocorobo line of intelligent robot vacuum cleaners, with a new smaller model, as well as a Cocorobo Navi function, which allows the robot to be controlled when the user is outside the home.

Cocorobo Navi can be used to visually map out your house creating a floor plan, letting the robot know where objects are placed, so you can directly specify where the robot should go.

Sharp also unveiled a controller, which connects to the Cocorobo via it’s USB port, and can be used to control a range of household devices. Currently, Sharp TVs, air conditioning systems, LED lights and their Slim Ion Fan can all be controlled via the smartphone app, with support for competing companies products to be rolled out in future updates.

The new, smaller Cocorobo, the RX-V60, is 29.9cm in diameter, 4.7cm less than the current model, but with similar performance.

It features the power vacuum system, which can suck up dust from the gaps in wood floors, and due to it’s reduced size, can comfortably maneuver around small spaces such as in between the legs of dining room chairs.

It will go on sale in Japan on the 13th of December for approximately 75,000 yen (US$900) and Sharp will manufacture 8,000 units per month.

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