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Silicon Valley: In search of a robotics cluster

May 7, 2012

UPDATE 5/7/12: Thorough review of event and situation by Chris O’Brien of the Silicon Valley MercuryNews. He captured the flavor as well as the details. (Saved me from having to write the story!)
The May 3rd event in Palo Alto was a forum to talk about cultivating a robotics cluster in the Bay Area.
In an attempt to duplicate the synergies and serendipity of developing robotics projects in the Boston and Pittsburgh areas, XConomy hosted with a who-who’s list of speakers worth the price of admission: Helen Greiner, Mick Mountz, Steve Cousins, Curt Carlson, Rich Mahoney, John Dulchinos, Brian Gerkey, Aaron Edsinger, Tiffany Montague, Charlie Duncheon, James Gosling and Yoky Matsuoka!
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