Insect-inspired flying robot handles collisions, goes where other robots can’t

Gimball is a flying robot that survives collisions. It weighs just 370g for 34cm in diameter. Photo credit: A. Herzog, EPFL. Generally, flying robots are programmed to avoid obstacles, which is far ...
30 October 2013, by

Gecko adhesives allow flying robot to perch on walls

The Airburr, a light-weight flying robot from the Laboratory of Intelligent Systems (my PhD lab) at EPFL, was designed to fly in cluttered environments. Unlike most flying robot, which avoid contact a...
15 May 2013, by

Crashing into walls: Airburr takes a counter-intuitive approach to navigation | IEEE Spectrum

While other UAVs use sophisticated sensors and algorithms to navigate, EPFL's tough little Airburr uses a random-direction algorithm and a bare minimum of sensors to make its way around places other b...
06 March 2013, by

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