How AR technology can help farmers stay relevant

I've long believed that Augmented Reality (AR) and robotics are closely related. Both model their environments to some degree. Robotics uses that model to guide the behavior of a machine, whereas AR u...
19 January 2017, by

Augmented reality Hardhat 2.0 for industrial workers | Wallstreet Journal

Daqri says its Smart Helmet can aid workers in many industrial environments.  Many companies keep prices low to attract the mass market. Others, like Daqri, opt to court a select audience willing t...
10 September 2014, by

Feel the edges and contours of virtual objects with this haptic system from NHK

With the aim of implementing a television service which allows viewers to touch virtual objects, NHK is developing a tactile system which applies stimuli to five points on one finger, making objects f...
03 June 2013, by

Seeing is touching

Professor Takashi Kawai's lab at Waseda University's School of Fundamental Science and Engineering is conducting research on a cross-modal perception technology employing multi-sensory integration in ...
13 February 2013, by

Change the size of food and your appetite with AR system from Tokyo U.

  At the University of Tokyo, the Hirose Tanikawa Group has developed an AR system that can manipulate the user's feeling of having eaten enough, by changing how big the food appears. T...
02 November 2012, by

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