How to get started (and progress) in robotics: A quick guide for teens and adults

I get many questions from people about how I think kids and adults should get started in robotics, how they should progress, and what they should buy, to learn about robotics. This is a quick guide t...
09 December 2015, by

ROS, Arduino, and a Husky simulation

By Martin Cote The Arduino family of micro controllers has quickly become a go-to board for hobbyists due to its ease of use. Often times roboticists must create communication protocols to allow th...
23 January 2015, by

Google+ Hangout extension – Arduino example

New tutorial- Get your Arduino working with Google+ Hangouts! Watch video on YouTube Learn more here...
27 October 2012, by

Arduino Due released |

The long-awaited Arduino Due just hit the market, replacing the 8-bit, 16 MHz brain of the popular Uno microcontroller prototyping platform with a 32-bit, 84 MHz processor, while augmenting inputs and...
21 October 2012, by

Stephen Wolfram blog: Kids, arduinos and quadricopters

Presentation at Maker Faire by Christopher Wolfram shows off Mathematica with a potentiometer hooked up on the Arduino board and by flying a quadricopter drone in one line of code. See on blog.stephe...
04 October 2012, by

The ascendency of Arduino   This video consists of the earliest participants in the Arduino project talking about how it got started.   Checking Vimeo, there are over 4,000 video...
16 January 2011, by

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