Brain-Machine Interface

Attaining “embodiment” in brain-machine interface technologies: gTec’s Christoph Guger

Link to audio file (26:36), or listen on iTunes In this interview TechEmergence talks to Dr. Christoph Guger, founder of gTec, a company that focuses on creating devices and parts for the field of...
23 September 2014, by

How brain signals could control a variety of devices: BrainGate’s Beata Jarosiewicz

Link to audio file (23:28), or  listen on iTunes In this interview, TechEmergence talks to Dr. Beata Jarosiewicz from Brown's BrainGate project about the science of making sense of the brain's inner...
03 September 2014, by and

Exclusive Q&A: World cup kickoff looms for demo of brain-controlled machine | Science

During the World Cup next week, there may be 1 minute during the opening ceremony when the boisterous stadium crowd in São Paulo falls silent: when a paraplegic young person wearing a brain-controlle...
12 June 2014, by

The intersection of engineering and neuroscience: Dan Bacher on BrainGate and assistive technologies

Dan Bacher has always been fascinated by two things: electrical engineering and neuroscience. While these interests may seem divergent, the synthesis of them led him to Brown University’s BrainGate ...
01 April 2014, by and

ShanghAI Lectures: Hiroshi Yokoi “Future Trend”

Guest talk in the ShanghAI Lectures, 2009-12-17 In this guest lecture, Hiroshi Yokoi from University of Electro-Communication, Chofu, Japan, talks about prosthetic robot hands, EMG devices, bio-fee...
06 February 2014, by

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