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Guest at the Department of Informatics, University of Zürich Project co-coordinator of the "ShanghAI Lectures":

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›   ShanghAI Lectures: Inman Harvey “Metaphorical homunculi: we don’t really have little men inside our heads”

›   ShanghAI Lectures: Kevin Warwick “AI with biological brains”

›   ShanghAI Lectures: Tamas Haidegger “Humans-robots-humans: Who is operating who?”

›   ShanghAI Lectures: Rüdiger Dillmann “Programming by Demonstration”

›   ShanghAI Lectures: Weidong Chen “Enhancing Autonomy and Safety of Assistive Robots”

›   ShanghAI Lectures: Barbara Webb “AI – Artificial Insects”

›   ShanghAI Lectures: Dustin Li “Embodied Development for an Autonomous Delivery Robot”

›   ShanghAI Lectures: Thierry Bücheler “Latest Insights on Human Collective Intelligence”

›   ShanghAI Lectures: Fumiya Iida “Soft robotics approach toward artificial ontogenetic development”

›   ShanghAI Lectures: Josh Bongard “Morphological Change in Machines Accelerates the Evolution of Robust Behavior”

›   ShanghAI Lectures: Koh Hosoda “Musculoskeletal Humanoids”

›   ShanghAI Lectures: Barry Richards and Craig Turnbull “Robotics and Automation Applied to the Aircraft Industry”

›   ShanghAI Lectures: Olivier Michel “Webots: Fast prototyping and simulation of mobile robots”

›   ShanghAI Lectures: Fabio Bonsignorio “Embodied Finance: Embodying Disruptive Innovation in Embodied Cognitive Systems”

›   ShanghAI Lectures: Claude Patrick Siegenthaler “In Search of Embodied Intelligence in Markets”

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