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Brown University wins inaugural Rethink Robotics Video Challenge

As the worldwide leader in collaborative robotics research and education, Rethink Robotics is excited to announce the winner of the inaugural Rethink Robotics Video Challenge. Launched in the summer o...
16 December 2015, by

How brain signals could control a variety of devices: BrainGate’s Beata Jarosiewicz

Link to audio file (23:28), or  listen on iTunes In this interview, TechEmergence talks to Dr. Beata Jarosiewicz from Brown's BrainGate project about the science of making sense of the brain's inner...
03 September 2014, by and

The intersection of engineering and neuroscience: Dan Bacher on BrainGate and assistive technologies

Dan Bacher has always been fascinated by two things: electrical engineering and neuroscience. While these interests may seem divergent, the synthesis of them led him to Brown University’s BrainGate ...
01 April 2014, by and

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