RoCKIn2015: A glimpse into the future of Europe’s domestic and industrial robotics industry

Over the last 20 years, robot competitions have emerged as a powerful means to foster progress in robotics research and development (R&D). RoCKIn is part a of new generation of scientific robotics...
27 June 2015, by

Wise birds enter Robot Launch 2014 early

We were really excited to see so many entries in the first days of Robot Launch 2014. What most people don’t realize is that you can enter the startup competition immediately but still keep updatin...
26 February 2014, by

GLXP Update: Penn State Lunar Lions now in #3 spot

What are they putting in the water in the Keystone state?  It turns out that Penn State Lunar Lions team announced plans to get launched to the moon as well.  They have made a deposit for a ride in ...
07 January 2014, by

14 teams qualify for euRathlon land competition

Teams participating in ELROB land robotics competition tune up their robots. Photo credits: ELROB Buildings that are collapsed or on fire, tunnels flooded with smoke or water, unstructured areas subj...
17 September 2013, by

euRathlon and the DARPA Robot Challenge: A difference of approach

  A week ago the DARPA Robotics Challenge unveiled the ATLAS humanoid robot, which will be used by seven competing teams. Developed by Boston Dynamics, ATLAS is an imposing 1.8m 150Kg bipedal humano...
22 July 2013, by

The Wambots Team, with Thomas Bräunl

Link to audio file (27:40)In today’s episode, we speak with Thomas Bräunl from the University of Western Australia about the MAGIC 2010 Challenge, the Wambot team and work done at the Robotics ...
30 November 2012, by

Syfy about to unleash the Robot Combat League |

“Ready for the next generation of robot combat? Syfy has greenlit and shot the first season of a new show where eight-foot-tall state-of-the-art humanoid robots will rock ‘em and sock &lsq...
26 November 2012, by

Robot competitions, challenges and awards

Robotdalen is accepting submissions for their International Innovation Award 2013, aimed at innovators with commercially viable robotics solutions. The Innovation Award replaced the previous Robotdale...
06 November 2012, by

International Robotdalen Innovation Award

The award is aimed towards researchers, inventors and entrepreneurs with commercially valid robotics solutions.See on
06 November 2012, by

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