Computer Science

Crash Course Computer Science video series

Crash Course is a video channel you can access through YouTube. Crash Course Computer Science is an ongoing playlist of fast-moving videos that begin with the most basic underpinnings of digital comp...
17 April 2017, by

Foundry tool: Multi-material designing for 3-D printing

3-D printing has progressed over the last decade to include multi-material fabrication, enabling production of powerful, functional objects. While many advances have been made, it still has been diffi...
13 October 2016, by

3-D printing hydraulically-powered robots, no assembly required

By Adam Conner-Simons | CSAIL One reason we don’t yet have robot personal assistants buzzing around doing our chores is because making them is hard. Assembling robots by hand is time-consuming, ...
06 April 2016, by

What should a robot do? Designing robots that know right from wrong

A large robot comes out of an office mailroom carrying a package marked “Urgent” to deliver to the boss upstairs. After navigating down the hall at maximum speed, it discovers someone is already w...
29 April 2014, by and

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