GM’s purchase of Cruise fuels interest in self-driving car kits

Most car companies are remaking themselves into tech startups as they move toward offering fully autonomous self-driving vehicles. Yet thousands of tractors already use self-driving kits as ...
19 April 2016, by

Robotics has its first unicorn – small SF startup Cruise Automation

Forget about Google and Boston Dynamics. This week the real news is that GM acquired small San Francisco based startup Cruise Automation for the rumored sum of more than $1B US, according to Fortune....
18 March 2016, by



Cruise, with Kyle Vogt

In this episode, we speak with Kyle Vogt, the CEO of Cruise. His company recently joined the “driverless revolution” with their release of RP-1. This system is a highway autopilot that can be ins...
11 July 2014, by

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