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Beyond safety: Is robotic surgery sustainable?

This week, the “144” study on adverse events in robotic surgery made the rounds in media outlets such as the BBC, NBC and the MIT Tech review. An impressive group of researchers found that between...
29 July 2015, by

Intuitive Surgical da Vinci Surgical System gets big endorsement and new competition

UPDATED 3/29/15 For over two years, Intuitive Surgical has been sued, tried, analyzed and criticized about the efficacy of their da Vinci surgical robots. But they have continued to thrive, grow and ...
23 March 2015, by

IBIS pneumatic keyhole surgery robot potentially 1/10 the cost of da Vinci

This is a robot system for keyhole surgery, consisting of a master unit operated by the surgeon, and a slave unit that moves on the patient side. "A feature of the slave robot is, it's powered enti...
23 July 2013, by

A dilemma of high-risk / high-reward

Often funding sources - the groups taking the risk - are not the beneficiaries of the rewards of the venture. Intuitive Surgical is an example. NSF, DARPA and NASA funded a project to solve a very ...
09 July 2013, by

Court denies Intuitive Surgical’s bid to throw out lawsuit | Bloomberg

A Washington state court yesterday denied Intuitive’s bid to throw out a lawsuit over the death of a patient operated on using the company’s da Vinci surgical system, according to court filings. ...
27 March 2013, by

The patent grip loosens

  VGo Communications wins infringement lawsuit brought on by InTouch Health and also initiates a patent reexamination of four other InTouch patents. InTouch Health, a company that has b...
06 December 2012, by

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