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New video shows bionic athletes rehearsing for upcoming Cybathlon competition

In 21 countries across the globe, hundreds of people are preparing for Cybathlon 2016, where cutting edge robotic assistive technologies will help people with disabilities to compete in a series of ra...
19 November 2015, by

Rehabilitation and Environmental Monitoring, with Lei Cui

Transcript included. In this episode, Ron Vanderkley speaks with Dr. Lei Cui from Curtin University about his team’s work on 3D printable hand orthosis for rehabilitation, a  task-oriented 4-...
26 June 2015, by

OpenBionics prosthetic hands: Open source, affordable, lightweight, anthropomorphic

OpenΒionics is an open-source initiative for the development of affordable, light-weight, modular robot hands and prosthetic devices, and can be easily reproduced using off-the-shelf materials....

Registration now open for Cybathlon 2016

Full registration for the Cybathlon, a sporting event for disabled athletes using robotic assistive technologies is now open. The event will take place in Zurich, Switzerland on 8th October 2016....
09 October 2014, by

3D printed robotic prosthetic hand makes Intel finals

Our [tweetquote] 3D-printed prosthetic hand project has made the global finals of Intel's Make it Wearable competition![/tweetquote] Open Bionics came out of the Open Hand Project, where we developed ...
02 October 2014, by

The intersection of engineering and neuroscience: Dan Bacher on BrainGate and assistive technologies

Dan Bacher has always been fascinated by two things: electrical engineering and neuroscience. While these interests may seem divergent, the synthesis of them led him to Brown University’s BrainGate ...
01 April 2014, by and

Lifehand 2 prosthetic grips and senses like a real hand

Amputee Dennis Aabo Sørensen wearing sensory feedback enabled prosthetic in Rome, February 2013 (Lifehand 2, Patrizia Tocci). Roboticists and doctors working in Switzerland and Italy have come toget...
12 March 2014, by

The gateway to advanced neuroprosthetics: Jessica Feldman talks BrainGate and BCI

If the human brain is considered a computer, what does that mean for science and our lives? Could we repair damaged areas, replace damaged parts, or even upgrade our own minds? It might sound like lit...
07 March 2014, by and

This robotic prosthetic hand can be made for just $1000

The Dextrus hand is a robotic hand that can be put together for well under £650 ($1000) and offers much of the functionality of a human hand. Existing prosthetic hands are magnificent devices, capa...
11 September 2013, by

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