Drone journalism

News bureaus and networks setting up drone divisions

CNN just inaugurated their new drone division. So have many other news organizations. Network providers are also setting up drone operations for a variety of purposes....
22 August 2016, by

Alleged drone ‘Peeping Tom’ photo reveals perils of drone related journalism | Forbes

Last month a Seattle woman said that a drone made her nervous because it was flying outside of her window.  Early media reports called the device a flying “Peeping Tom.”  Soon afterwards, nat...
15 July 2014, by

Journalist sues police who questioned drone use | ABC News

A journalist filed a lawsuit Tuesday alleging that Hartford police officers violated his free-speech rights by questioning his use of a remote-controlled aircraft to record images of a car wreck. Pedr...
25 February 2014, by

Drone journalism: Is Canada ready? | CBC’s The Current

Drones are going from making the news for deadly aerial bombings to gathering the news - aerial vehicles equipped with cameras have flown over disasters - in the pursuit of a story. Today, we hear fro...
25 February 2014, by

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