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New Horizon 2020 robotics projects – 2016 presented at #ERF2017

In 2016, the European Union co-funded 17 new robotics projects from the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for research and innovation. 16 of these resulted from the robotics work programme, and one pro...
27 April 2017, by

European Robotics League gearing up for 2017-2018 season

The European Robotics League has closed a successful first season. Funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Programme for research, the ERL brings a common framework for two indoor robotics compe...
11 April 2017, by

Sneak peek inside two Robotics Innovation Facilities (RIFs) in Europe

Robotics Innovation Facilities, or RIFs, are robotic labs, financed via the ECHORD++ project by the European Commission. They offer access to high-tech robotic equipment and expertise at zero risk; us...
03 March 2017, by

Study shows public perception of robotics generally positive in EU, but declining

A major study into European attitudes toward automation has found that while almost two thirds of people polled feel generally positive about robots, public acceptance of them in the EU is in dec...
25 June 2015, by and

#ERF2015 webcam: Horizon2020 project pitches Part I

The sixth edition of the European Robotics Forum brought together at least 600 scientists, companies, and robotics officials. We were there to capture pitches for the latest wave of robotics projects ...
13 March 2015, by and

$87 million in European robotic projects funded

The EU has co-funded 17 new robotics-related projects under Horizon 2020, the mechanism that the European Commission is using to stimulate the region's global competitiveness in technical innovation...
20 January 2015, by

EU launches world’s largest civilian robotics programme – 240,000 new jobs expected

The European Commission and 180 companies and research organisations (under the umbrella of euRobotics) have launched the world’s largest civilian research and innovation programme in robotics....
03 June 2014, by

Robot helps 94-year-old Italian grandmother live independently at home EU invests in new technology to support silver generation At 94, Grandma Lea could not live alone anymore, but she wanted to stay at home. She still doe...
05 May 2014, by

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