RoCKIn2015: A glimpse into the future of Europe’s domestic and industrial robotics industry

Over the last 20 years, robot competitions have emerged as a powerful means to foster progress in robotics research and development (R&D). RoCKIn is part a of new generation of scientific robotics...
27 June 2015, by

Aerial Manipulation: Lecture by Bruno Siciliano

In this video lecture, Bruno Siciliano from PRISMA Lab at the University of Naples, Italy, walks us through advances in aerial manipulation with reference to three projects funded through the Europe...

Factory-in-a-Day: EU FP7 invests €7.9M to make robotics affordable for SMEs

Factory-in-a-Day is an EU initiative to develop a robotic system that is inexpensive, leasable, and can be set up and working in 24 hours. The goal is to make advanced robotic systems, which currently...
07 December 2013, by

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