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fraunhofer IPA

Under the lead of the Tübingen-based Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics (MPI), Fraunhofer IPA has co-developed a new cable-driven parallel robot that is the first one capable of transporting humans while at the same time setting new standards in terms of workspace, acceleration and payload for a motion simulator.

Keypads and touchscreens provide an easy and intuitive way to operate a wide range of different devices. However, the material used may become impaired in its functionality, by constant use. A robot system, developed by Fraunhofer IPA, now allows device manufacturers to realistically simulate high loading to determine how durable their devices are. Applications of devices can be simulated and automatically tested for any desired time duration.

ROS-I_Puzzle_GraphicLRROS-I is developing and promoting a manufacturer-independent open-source library of drivers and the transfer of established components from research to industry – not just h/w interfaces and MS, IOS and Android support, but legal and standardization issues as well.

Micro-scale Surgical Robots
September 23, 2020

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