No, Detroit is not winning the robocar race

A new report from Navigant Research includes the chart shown below, ranking various teams on the race to robocar deployment. It’s causing lots of press headlines about how Ford is the top company an...
05 April 2017, by

Robotics has its first unicorn – small SF startup Cruise Automation

Forget about Google and Boston Dynamics. This week the real news is that GM acquired small San Francisco based startup Cruise Automation for the rumored sum of more than $1B US, according to Fortune....
18 March 2016, by

Robocar news roundup: Lyft and GM, Sidecar, the nature of competition, and CES

Lyft announced a $500M investment from GM with $500M more, pushing them to a $5.4B valuation, which huge but also just a tenth of Uber's. This was combined with talk of a push to robocars: GM will p...
04 January 2016, by

Robot holiday season videos 2012 (continued)

Our colleagues at the Laboratory of Intelligent Systems at EPFL just sent us a fun video of Santa riding a fixed-wing robot and loosing a present. Luckily, the present can autonomously find its way to...
24 December 2012, by

Robot holiday season videos 2012 (continued)

More videos for the holiday season featuring robots have started to appear. This time, General Motors and Kiva Systems feature high-tech robots pretending to be "Santa's little helpers"....
22 December 2012, by

Robonaut 2 off to space February 3rd but GM’s Robonaut 2 is moving to the factory floor

... Best video thus far about GM’s intended uses for Robonaut 2 as NASA’s Robonaut 2 flies off to join the Space Station as a lab assistant....
28 October 2010, by

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