Smart grasping demonstrated at Automate and ProMat trade shows

Tactile sensing and force feedback are - and have been - problem areas for robot grasping. Humans could see, select and pick so much faster. Yet to handle the millions of different everyday items in o...
18 April 2017, by

A startup perspective on exhibiting at CES

Exhibiting at big events takes both time and money. [tweetquote]Is it worth it for a robotics startup to invest in big expos like CES?[/tweetquote] We asked Bill Culley of Empire Robotics - the comp...
12 January 2015, by

Robot Startup Series #7: Interview with Soft Robotics’ Carl Vause

[tweetquote]Soft robotics is finally leaving the research lab and entering the real world. [/tweetquote] One of the companies leading the way is a Boston-based startup that is commercializing the inn...
18 December 2014, by

New-tech grippers hit the market

Empire Robotics, a Boston-based start-up, is beginning to sell their VERSABALL kits, a new-tech jamming gripper enabling adaptive gripping operations with a single inexpensive tool. Filled with a g...
13 January 2014, by

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