Hansen Medical

Big day for robotics: 3 fundings and a merger acquisition

Auris Surgical Robotics will acquire Hansen Medical for $80M+, PrecisionHawk raised $18M to help bring commercial drones safely into US airspace, and SkySafe raised $3M to disable badly behaving ...
21 April 2016, by

Hansen Medical gets $35M; Clearpath Robotics $11.2M

Two robotics-related companies just got funding. Hansen Medical sold 53,846 shares to get $35M; and Clearpath Robotics got $11.2M for an unusual reason....
21 March 2015, by

After a lackluster 2nd quarter, Hansen Medical gets a $93 million equity infusion

Although the number of procedures using Hansen Medical's Magellan and Sensei robotic systems has risen, the number of units sold has fallen slightly and the company continues to operate in the red, he...
31 July 2013, by

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