Notes and pics from Xponential in Dallas, Innorobo in Paris and ICRA in Singapore

Conferences and trade shows, held in interesting locations around the world, can be entertaining, informative and an opportunity to explore new places, meet new people and renew acquaintances. Three r...
20 June 2017, by

Two upcoming robotics events you should consider attending

May and June offer two important trade shows and conferences for professional and personal service robotics: Innorobo, held in Paris May 24-26 and AUTOMATICA, held June 21-24 in Munich....
06 May 2016, by

Robots in Europe: Live tweets and pics from #Innorobo

Innorobo is one of the the premiere EU event dedicated to robotics and disruptive technologies. Running July 1-3 in Lyon, France, the event features talks from the likes of Carlo Ratti, Rodney Brook...
02 July 2015, by

Empowering startups’ global reach

Innorobo’s call for start-ups has just closed and 25 semi-finalists from around the world will now be reviewed by a jury of experts to select the five winners. The winners will pitch to investors...
18 February 2015, by

Au revoir, French entrepreneurs – except for a bastion of robotics innovators in Lyon

In a serious critique of French business practices, the International New York Times wrote about a brain drain from France - a migration of aspiring entrepreneurs feeling that they have to leave Fran...
25 March 2014, by

Are telepresence robots really robots?

Are telepresence robots really robotic? Is the da Vinci robotic surgical system robotic? Is a car with adaptive cruise control acting robotically? Well … no to all three questions. All thre...
14 March 2014, by

Frank Tobe on “Is open source a good business model for robotics?”

To be able to choose between proprietary software packages is to be able to choose your master. Freedom means not having a master. Freedom means not using proprietary software. - Richard Stallman, o...
09 October 2013, by

European Robotics Forum 2013 in Lyon, France

INNOROBO | Innovation Robotics Summit (European Robotics Forum 2013 in Lyon, France #robotique...)... See on
09 July 2012, by

Lively international innovation summit about robotics

Today’s devices are becoming smarter and connected. They sense their environment, process the data collected and act upon their decisions autonomously or semi-autonomously.  The transformation is ...
23 December 2011, by

Lively international innovation summit about robotics

In Lyon, France, 14th to 16th March, 2012. Save the date!By Frank Tobe, Editor/Publisher, The Robot Report ( Catherine Simon, General Secretary, French Federation of Rob...
23 December 2011, by

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