ARM Institute West Coast meeting review

Robotics manufacturing in the US will be getting federal support to match business or startup investments via the new Advanced Robotics Manufacturing (ARM) Institute. Perhaps more importantly, the ARM...
29 June 2017, by and

Space for the masses as helium balloons and remote control planes reach through the stratosphere

Space will soon be within the grasp of everyday people, small countries, researchers or start-up companies thanks to a fleet of low-cost launch vehicles under development across Europe. From remote...
21 November 2016, by

Proletarian robots getting cheaper to exploit

After laughing uncomfortably at the headline from The Moscow Times reporting about the recent Skolkovo Robotics Conference, I parsed through the wording and found the intended meaning. But that proces...
06 March 2014, by

Don’t blame technology for persistent unemployment | Slate

Posting on the Slate blog Future Tense, James Bessen takes issue with the notion that technology causes unemployment, illustrating his point by debunking a pair of frequently cited examples, textile w...
06 October 2013, by

International Robotdalen Innovation Award

The award is aimed towards researchers, inventors and entrepreneurs with commercially valid robotics solutions.See on
06 November 2012, by

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