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First Kiva Systems and now Intelligrated! Who’s next?

... What is it about automated robotic warehousing? Amazon just acquired Kiva Systems for $775 million and now Permira, a European private equity firm, announced that it was acquiring Intelligrated fo...
09 June 2012, by

Flexible, intelligent robotics debuted in materials handling marketplace

... Symbotic, formerly CasePick Systems, is providing mobile robots that grab closed boxes of goods and brings them to a pallet-loading robot. Different from Kiva Systems, recently acquired by Amazon,...
07 June 2012, by

Kiva Systems presents a glimpse of future pick n’ pack fulfillment

... At the recent Modex 2012 in Atlanta, Kiva Systems’ booth featured a fully-functioning warehouse operation where attendees walked up and placed their orders on an iPad and then picked their o...
24 February 2012, by

Robotics and smart technologies merge for material handling

... There were more buyers than in previous years and they appeared to be holistic in their approach to material handling in the factory and picking and packing in the warehouse. Their reasoning and u...
15 February 2012, by

Modex 2012: Robotic and smart technologies for handling material in factories and warehouses

In the emerging world of service robotics, many markets are opening to robotics that were once only handled by industrial robot manufacturers. Safely unmanned, or working alongside human workers, in a...
15 February 2012, by

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