Valery Komissarova on when investing in robots is the right move

As part of Robohub’s Big Deals series, startup expert Andra Keay asks Valery Komissarova, Grishin Robotics’ Director of Business Development, about what all the recent robotics acquisitions mean t...
26 February 2014, by and

Big deals: What it means to have the giants investing in robotics

  If the world outside the robotics community didn't know about Boston Dynamics, Kiva and Nest, they do now. Recent robotics acquisitions and investments by major-league players like Google, Apple a...
12 February 2014, by

Google acquires Nest for $3.2 billion

In another surprise release to the press, Google announced the acquisition of Nest Labs, the inventor and manufacturer of the stylish learning thermostat device, for $3.2 billion. According to Aaro...
13 January 2014, by

Google getting more roboticists with Nest acquisition

Is Google getting a robot company? Or just another source of roboticists with the Nest acquisition that was announced today? Alongside Google’s recent acquisition of eight robotics companies, there ...
13 January 2014, by

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