Designing Jibo’s automatic speech recognition, with Roberto Pieraccini

Finding the right approach to automatic speech recognition (ASR) has been a critical step in Jibo’s design: get it right and the experience will be great; get it wrong, and it could really take awa...
14 October 2015, by

Virtual assistants are the testbeds for tomorrow’s personal robots

Virtual assistants are setting the bar for the kind of user experience people will expect from the social robots of tomorrow....
22 September 2015, by

Alan Turing robot makes its debut at Startup Village 2015

Tho startups from the robotics cluster at Skolkovo — Nanosemantics and Lexy — teamed up with the Russian Neurobotics, to recreate a robotic version of the British computer science pioneer A...
10 July 2015, by

Natural language: The de-facto interface convention for social robotics

Social Robotics: The UX of Natural Language A very smart and snotty journalist told me that he had spoken with Aldebaran's Pepper system when he was in Boston. Much to his chagrin, the robot didn't ...
21 January 2015, by

Amazon’s Echo: A point-of-sale even the kids can relate to

Amazon, the largest online retailer and Internet company in the USA, sells media, data, software, video games, electronics, food, toys, clothes, furniture, and jewelry. It is a big provider of cloud c...
14 November 2014, by

The death of search (or, My dysfunctional relationship with Siri)

This article looks at the arrival of systems such as Siri, Google Now, and Watson and claims that these systems are the search engines of the next decade because they mine intimate data.  Since they ...
06 March 2013, by

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