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Up and flying with the AR.Drone and ROS: Handling feedback

This is the third tutorial in the Up and flying with the AR.Drone and ROS series. In this tutorial we will: Learn about the AR.Drone's state feedback (and how it is handled by ROS) Learn a...
01 July 2013, by

We Robot Conference: The Ethical Robot License for open robotics

On April 8-9, Stanford Law School held the second annual robotics and law conference, We Robot. This year’s event focused on near-term policy issues in robotics and featured panels and papers by sch...
07 May 2013, by

Rethink Robotics and Aldebaran both launch robots for research, teaching and custom development

Rethink Robotics just launched a version of their Baxter robot armed with a new SDK providing educators and researchers with almost limitless capabilities at an affordable cost. Using ROS and the new ...
26 April 2013, by

Rapyuta: The RoboEarth Cloud Engine

In recent years cloud computing has made an entrance into our lives. Naturally, this begs the question how cloud computing can be used in robotics applications. With Rapyuta, the RoboEarth Cloud Engin...
25 February 2013, by

ManyEars: open source framework for sound processing

One of the latest papers in the Journal Autonomous Robots presents ManyEars, an open framework for robot audition....
08 February 2013, by

ROS on a stick

One of the exciting announcements at Automate 2013 is also one of the smallest. Gumstix, providers of Linux computers-on-modules (COMs) are offering ROS on a stick. For $45, Gumstix provide a bootable...
29 January 2013, by

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