Prime Air

Amazon Prime Air gets an updated FAA exemption

In a 9-page legal letter, with 28 itemized conditions and limitations, the FAA issued an exemption to Amazon to enable Prime Air to test in US airspace....
13 April 2015, by

As drone use flourishes, the FAA waivers, and Amazon is forced offshore

Funding continues to flow to drone ventures worldwide even as news from the FAA suggests it will be many years before true autonomous flight will be allowed in the US. Meanwhile Amazon feels they mus...
31 March 2015, by

Amazon tests delivery drones at secret Canada site after US frustration

Exclusive: Guardian gains access to unnamed British Columbia site where tech giant’s roboticists and engineers are developing their unmanned delivery serviceSee it on, via Robotics...
30 March 2015, by

Jeff Bezos reaches for tip of UAS iceberg

On Sunday, Charlie Rose from CBS News 60 Minutes, interviewed Jeff Bezos about what is next for Amazon, the world's largest online retailer with more than 225 million customers. Volume can reach 30...
05 December 2013, by

Amazon Prime Air: 5 Predictions About the Retailer’s Delivery Drones | TIME

Assuming Amazon Prime Air eventually launches … there are a handful of predictions about the system itself and delivery-by-drone systems in general… Read more by Doug Aamoth on
02 December 2013, by

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos looks to the future | 60 Minutes

There has never been a company quite like Amazon. Conceived as an online book seller, Amazon has reinvented itself time and again, changing the way the world shops, reads and computes. Amazon has 225 ...
02 December 2013, by

Amazon Promises Package Delivery By Drone: Is It for Real? | Automaton

Once you get past the wow factor [of Amazon's drone delivery announcement] and start thinking critically about what it would take to make something like this work in practice, it starts to look a lot...
02 December 2013, by

Amazon announces plans for drone delivery service, says safety will be key priority

Amazon announced yesterday that it is developing a drone delivery service called Prime Air that will aim to get packages into customer's hands within 30 minutes. They are planning to launch as soon a...
02 December 2013, by

Amazon Reveals It Wants To Deploy Delivery Drones | Huff Post

Amazon offering delivery on Sunday was only the beginning.The Robot Launch Pad's insight:It's no surprise that Amazon wants drone delivery to solve the last mile problem. And probably an underwhelming...
02 December 2013, by

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