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‘Tailsitter’ flying robot hovers and recovers easily thanks to new algorithm

In August 2014 Google [x] announced that they had been secretly developing a drone delivery program to rival Amazon's Prime Air. Called Project Wing, the system was based on a mechanically simple "t...
04 June 2015, by

Google scraps initial ‘Project Wing’ plans for new secret design

The head of Google's moonshot lab Google X has recently announced they have scrapped the initial 'Project Wing' design that they have been testing in Australia. According to X lab Director Astro Te...
25 March 2015, by

Google’s secret drone delivery program

The Atlantic revealed the inside story of Google's two-year secret X-labs drone-delivery project in a detailed story by Alexis Madrigal. Project Wing, as the drone-delivery venture is called, has alre...
29 August 2014, by

Google’s Secret Drone-Delivery Program “project wing” | the Atlantic

After two years of development, the Silicon Valley company reveals to The Atlantic that it has substantial research effort into building flying robots than can deliver products across a city...
28 August 2014, by

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