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540 little robots and 29 drones celebrate Chinese New Year

In a TV spectacle celebrating the Chinese New Year and seen by more than 640 million viewers, 540 Chinese-made robots danced to a song sung by a Chinese superstar and 29 neon-colored drones flew in u...
10 February 2016, by

2016 funding and acquisition spree continues

2015 was a phenomenal year for funding and acquiring robotic companies. Over $1.32 billion in seed, crowd, series A,B,C,D and VC fundings and more than $2.27 billion in acquisitions. And they've begu...
03 February 2016, by

Over 3,000 robotics-related companies, research facilities and ancillary businesses

The Robot Report's database of robotics-related companies, research facilities, schools, start-ups and ancillary businesses has grown to 3,000+ and is displayed free in our seven industry directories...
25 August 2014, by

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