What are the right disability rules for robotaxis?

Robocars are broadly going to be a huge boon for many people with disabilities, especially disabilities that make it difficult to drive or those that make it hard to get in and out of vehicles. Exist...
26 December 2016, by

Breaking down robotaxi economics

The vision of many of us for robocars is a world of less private car ownership and more use of robotaxis — on-demand ride service in a robocar. That’s what companies like Uber clearly are pushing ...
14 September 2016, by

Tesla’s Master Plan, Part Deux: Some expected, some strange

Today, I want to look at some implications of Tesla’s Master Plan, Part Deux which caused some buzz this week. There was other news, of course, including the AUVSI/TRB meeting which I attended, and ...

Calculating why we should make a lot more robocars

I frequently read that people claim one effect of robocars will be car share (when they work as taxis) and fewer cars being made (because most cars stay idle 95% of the time) — which is good news ...
24 March 2016, by

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