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Technology is a means not an end: Experts on robotics for elderly care at #ERW2016

At the pinnacle event, panellists from Robotics for Elderly Care engaged with audience members in a lively discussion about topics ranging from how quickly technology is developing to how perceptions...
19 December 2016, by

Considering robot care, ethics & future tech at #ERW2016 European Robotics Week

What ethical issues do we face in providing robot care for the elderly? Is there better acceptance with the public? What should we be mindful of when designing human-robot interactions? At the #ERW...
29 November 2016, by

Robots at your service and empowering healthy ageing at #ERW2016

European Robotics Week 2016 (#ERW2016) is kicking off 18-22 November in Amsterdam. The central event 'Robots at your Service' is about focussing on robotic technologies to help ageing populations l...
07 November 2016, by

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