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Drone maker DJI and Toyota: setting up R&D centers in Silicon Valley

No wonder rents are so high in Silicon Valley. Companies from around the world are setting up research facilities and grabbing talent from the area.  The most recent announcements are that Chinese dr...
09 November 2015, by

So long, and thanks for all the bots!

So, depending on who you ask, Willow Garage is shutting down, pursuing commercial interests, or changing direction. But things are not as dire as some may think: ROS is fine (the OSRF will support it)...
12 February 2013, by

Life telepresent: working vicariously through the Beam robot

Last week I took a trip to Willow Garage in the heart of Silicon Valley. It's not a hard place to find, and I was on time for my 11AM appointment. Just one problem: I was supposed to be at Suitable......
07 November 2012, by

Robot culture blossoms in Bay Area |

They may not look exactly like their goofy, gangly ancestors on 60s TV, but the robots have begun to arrive -- and many of them are being sired right here in the Bay Area. See on www.siliconvalley.c...
24 September 2012, by

Forget the web, start-ups get real

As the frenzy over new Web companies like Facebook and Zynga fades, long-shunned consumer-electronics makers are finding new life in Silicon Valley.   The actual stats on Kickstarter for hard...
20 August 2012, by

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