Come with me to the Sparkfun Autonomous Vehicle Competition

It wouldn’t be June in Colorado without the Sparkfun Autonomous Vehicle Competition. Started back in 2009, the annual event is held at their global headquarters near Boulder, CO. ...
13 July 2015, by

Don’t throw out the baby with the bath water

There have been many headlines about "killer robots" and invasion of privacy. They protest that robots will soon choose targets and then bomb or shoot those targets under their own direction and will ...
09 June 2013, by

SparkFun AVC 2013

Most robotics hobbyists will be familiar with the name SparkFun, associating it with an electronics and robotics parts and kits supply house, located in Boulder, Colorado, and perhaps also with the in...
09 June 2013, by

Open Hardware Summit and MakerBot   The attached video, posted by Make Magazine, addresses what was apparently a subject of much discussion at the 2012 Open Hardware Summit, this past Thursday, w...
30 September 2012, by

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