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Personalizing telepresence in service robots

In our previous post we looked at socially engaging robots and how they are helping to break down barriers to remote presence. Another area on the fringe of telepresence is service robots. These rob...
26 January 2016, by

Shopping via telepresence makes for good PR; how long before it’s mainstream?

Robots are great for doing dull, dirty, and dangerous jobs, and few jobs are more dangerous and downright dull (at times) than waiting in line to buy the latest tech gadget. Last week in Palo Alto,...
29 September 2015, by

Beaming-in to RoboBusiness 2013

RoboBusiness 2013, held last week at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Silicon Valley, was a revitalized example of previous RoboBusiness events. Throughout the three-day event, there was renewed e...
27 October 2013, by

Willow Garage changes direction

For many years now Willow Garage has invested in open source and open platform robotics. Their goal has been a reflection of the vision of it's founder (and chief funder) to advance the state of robot...
12 February 2013, by

Life telepresent: working vicariously through the Beam robot

Last week I took a trip to Willow Garage in the heart of Silicon Valley. It's not a hard place to find, and I was on time for my 11AM appointment. Just one problem: I was supposed to be at Suitable......
07 November 2012, by

Suitable Technologies introduces Beam Remote Presence System | IEEE Spectrum

Suitable unveils their new telepresence platform... This article opens discussion on the difference between the growing number of telepresence platforms and their varied price points. See on spectru...
26 September 2012, by

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