sUSB Expo 2015 Livestream

The sUSB is livestreaming from San Francisco, featuring top names in the unmanned and remote sensing field, including Patrick Egan, Chris Anderson, Whitney Brooks, Michael Drobac, and Andra Keay, a...
29 April 2015, by

Small Unmanned Systems Business Expo recap

"sUSB Expo 2014 showed signs of a maturing drone industry," said Antoine Martin of Unmanned Vehicle Systems Consulting. The sold-out 2nd annual sUSB Expo 2014, held in San Francisco earlier this ...
29 May 2014, by

Livestream: Small Unmanned Systems Business Expo 2014

Watch the live stream from the  second sUSB-Expo in San Francisco. Speakers include Henri Seydoux of Parrot Drone, Wolfgang Juchmann of Velodyne LiDAR, Rory Paul of Volt Aerial Robotics, Chris Ande...
08 May 2014, by

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