Tesla crash

NHTSA ODI report exonerates Tesla in fatal crash

NHTSA released the report from their Office of Defects Investigation on the fatal Tesla crash in Florida last spring. It’s a report that is surprisingly favorable to Tesla. So much so that even I am...
20 January 2017, by

Should Tesla disable your Autopilot if you’re not diligent? Plus, a survey of robocar validation

In this article, Brad Templeton provides a rundown of different approaches for validation of self-driving and driver assist systems, a recommendation to Tesla and others to have countermeasures to det...

Robocar news around the globe: Tesla crash, Declaration of Amsterdam, and automaker services

We have the first report of a real Tesla autopilot crash. To be fair to Tesla, their owner warnings specify very clearly that the autopilot could crash in just this situation. In the video, there is ...

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