the Tunnel Problem

Slow down that runaway ethical trolley

The runaway trolley has chased automated motor vehicles into the new year. In early 2012, I raised a variation of the classic thought experiment to argue that there is not always a single absolu...
13 January 2015, by

My (autonomous) car, my safety: Results from our reader poll

You are travelling along a single lane mountain road in an autonomous car that is approaching a narrow tunnel. You are the only passenger of the car....
30 June 2014, by

If death by autonomous car is unavoidable, who should die? Reader poll results

Image credit: Craig Berry Life and death decisions make interesting thought experiments. When you throw an autonomous car into the mix, things get even more interesting....
23 June 2014, by

An ethical dilemma: When robot cars must kill, who should pick the victim?

Image credit: Craig Berry We are moving closer to having driverless cars on roads everywhere, and naturally, people are starting to wonder what kinds of ethical challenges driverless cars will pose. ...
11 June 2014, by

Reader poll: If a death by an autonomous car is unavoidable, who should die?

Image source: Karora via Wikipedia. There may be times when an accident or a death is unavoidable while an autonomous car is controlling the wheel. What should an autonomous car do when such ...
10 June 2014, by

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