Uber regrouping after Levandowski firing

Uber, the global ride-sharing transportation company, has named two replacements to recover from the recent firing of Anthony Levandowski who headed their Advanced Technologies Group, their OTTO truck...
12 June 2017, by

Uber talks of deal with Daimler which shows Uber’s great advantage

I generally pay very little attention when companies issue a press release about an “alliance.” It’s usually not a lot more than a press release, unless there are details on what will actually b...
10 February 2017, by

Uber must follow California’s laws

Uber is testing its self-proclaimed “self-driving” vehicles on California roads without complying with the testing requirements of California’s automated driving law. California’s Department o...
19 December 2016, by

Pittsburgh and Singapore are now pilot sites for self-driving car services

Two self-driving car events of note: Uber just began operating a fleet of Volvo self-driving cars in Pittsburgh, and nuTonomy launched the first autonomous pilot taxi program last month in Singapore. ...
19 September 2016, by

Calculating why we should make a lot more robocars

I frequently read that people claim one effect of robocars will be car share (when they work as taxis) and fewer cars being made (because most cars stay idle 95% of the time) — which is good news ...
24 March 2016, by

Replacing public transit at night for Uber and Lyft

I have a big article forthcoming on the future of public transit. I believe that with the robocar (and van) it moves from being scheduled, route-based mass transit to on-demand, ad-hoc route medium an...
12 March 2016, by

Robocar roundup: Google deploys nextgen cars on city streets; Mercedes Freightleiner tests in NV

[clear] Google has done over 2.7 million km of testing with their existing fleet, they announced. Now, they will be putting their small “buggy” vehicle onto real streets in Mountain View. The c...

Uber price in LA approaches robocar cheap

I was recently considering the price of UberX in Los Angeles. It’s gotten disturbingly low, with a flag drop costing as little as $0.18 per minute / $0.90 per mile....
02 March 2015, by

Uber Chases Google in self-driving cars with Carnegie Mellon deal | WSJ

What might have been a budding partnership suddenly appeared to boil over into a pitched rivalry on Monday. Besides Uber’s disclosure that it will work on its own self-driving car technology, a Bloo...
03 February 2015, by

No, Google and Uber aren’t going to war over self-driving cars | The Verge

This week, Uber has announced a self-driving research initiative in partnership with Carnegie Mellon, while Google is rumored to be investigating ride-sharing using its own self-driving cars. At a gla...
03 February 2015, by

Google is developing its own Uber competitor | Bloomberg Business

Google Ventures, the search giant's venture capital arm, invested $258 million in Uber in August 2013. It was Google Ventures' largest investment deal ever, and the company put more money into Uber...
03 February 2015, by

Uber to collaborate with CMU on robocars

Uber announced a strategic partnership with CMU yesterday, including a robocar lab in Pittsburg, and rumours reported in TechCrunch suggest Uber could be hiring up to 50 CMU folks to staff it....
03 February 2015, by

Uber’s legal battles and robocars

Uber is spreading fast, and running into protests from the industries it threatens, and in many places, the law has responded and banned, fined or restricted the service. I’m curious [tweetquote]wha...
26 December 2014, by

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